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At Mathaqi.com, we endeavour to bring a large variety of delicious and authentic food right to your doorstep. By partnering with chefs who are masters of their respective cuisines, we offer delicious combinations, secret family recipes and flavours that you will never get in your neighbourhood restaurants. This is Home Food, made fresh with handpicked ingredients and no additives.
Mathaqi.com is a perfect blend of the freshest ingredients, authentic recipes, a wide variety of cuisines and the expertise of carefully selected chefs. From simple every day meals, to planning elaborate parties, to exotic cuisines spanning across Asia, Middle East, India, Africa and the West, find it all here. Life is so endlessly delicious!
Our Quality Promise
  1. All our partner chefs are trained in processes of food safety
  2. We prepare food in limited quantities and not in bulk. All our chefs prepare food as they would for their own households
  3. Personal grooming and hygiene of all staff that come into contact with the packaged food is of a high order
Storage and Delivery
  1. Packaging used is food grade quality and healthy
  2. Different dishes are stored in varying temperature conditions as per food safety guidelines
  3. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are stored separately
  4. Food is packed at the kitchen under the supervision of the chef

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